Biomutant Rotation Puzzles | How to match rotation puzzles

Biomutant Rotation Puzzles | How to match rotation puzzles

There are so many different systems whirling around in Biomutant, from combo-heavy combat to exploration and puzzles. And one of the first and most common brain teasers you’ll come across are Rotation Puzzles.

Biomutant likes to weave different aspects of its mechanics into each new one you encounter, so with Rotation Puzzles, it’s not just your personal wits that are put to the test, but your character’s stats too.

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On top of that, the visual design of Rotation Puzzles and your limited number of moves can lead to them being pretty confusing at first.

Here’s how to solve Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant.

How to solve Biomutant Rotation Puzzles

Whether it’s the wheels on a film projector or wires in a junction box, all Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant are principally the same.

To solve them you need to:

  1. Decide which color needs to go where
  2. Select a particular node and rotate it to match the right ends in a few moves as possible
  3. Move onto the remaining nodes, making sure you have enough moves left to turn that to the correct orientation

You can get more moves in puzzles by increasing your character’s intellect stat, which means psi-powered Biomutants are naturally better at puzzle-solving.

Here’s an example from the first Rotation Puzzle in Biomutant:

The node in the top right is next to a white light, so we need to turn the white light on the node to line up with the other one.

Next, the middle node is next to a yellow light, so we need to turn the yellow light on the left of the node to line up with the yellow light above it.

Finally, there’s one more yellow light at the bottom of the machine, so we need to turn the yellow light on the bottom node to line up with the last yellow light.

Sometimes you have to match both sides of the Rotation Puzzle nodes to advance, as with the second one you come across:

Here, you rotate the first node to match the white light on top and yellow light below it. Then you rotate the second node in the same way.

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