Black Desert codes for free Cron Stones, Valks, accessories, and more

Black Desert codes for free Cron Stones, Valks, accessories, and more

By Josh Broadwell
13 July 2021 16:16 GMT

Black Desert codes are a handy way to boost your enhancement game while also getting some extra goodies at the same time.

These codes offer valuable items such as Cron Stones and, in some cases, easier ways to get accessories and weapons in Black Desert Online.

Considering the heavy emphasis BDO places on enhancement at higher levels, these codes are a nice way to bypass some of the grind-heavy and risk-fraught elements. We’ll keep it up to date, so make sure to check back from time to time.

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What are Black Desert codes

Black Desert codes are a random assortment of promotions that give you valuable items, often ones that help take the risk and grind out of the enhancement process. Cron Stones and Valks-themed items are common and help prevent failure or increase your chances of more successful enhancements.

Some months will also see codes for accessory boxes and special items. New codes are typically added every month, so it’s worth checking back regularly to see what’s changed.

How to redeem Black Desert codes

Launch the game and open the main menu. Choose the “Community” tab, then select “Redeem.” Enter your code, then you’ll be prompted to pick “Available.” Do that, and choose your region.

Your items will appear in the in-game mailbox shortly after, and you’re free to redeem as many additional codes as you’d like.

All working Black Desert codes

These are the active codes as of July 2021 and, as mentioned, we’ll keep it up to date.

All working Black Desert codes
Code Reward
ADVI-CEOF-HEID-EL21 Advice of Valks +150
WAVE-OFEX-CHCO-UPON Weapon Exchange Coupon set
WAVE-OFPI-RATE-LOOT Slippery Scalawags Treasure Chest
SEEW-HATI-SWRI-TTEN Accessory Box III and a Banana
ATHE1-00WA-SWOR-THIT Lara’s Warm Black Tea and an Item Collection Scroll

Expired Black Desert codes

If you’re entering a code and it doesn’t work, it’s probably one of these.

Expired Black Desert codes
Code Reward
HOTT-IMEB-OOST-ER03 Advice of Destiny 30 Cron Stones, Item Collection Increase Scroll
CHAM-PION-OFEU-WHOO 100 Caphras Stones
SEAS-ONPR-ESEN-T328 100 Refined Magical Black Stone, 1 Premium Elixir Box, 1 Enchanted Scroll
WINT-ERSE-ASON-GIFT 200 Tuvala Ore, 2 High-Quality Draught Box, Enchanted Scroll +30
BURN-INGT-IMEI-SNOW 300 Time-filled Black Stone, 3 Blessed Message Scroll
GREE-NTHE-MEBE-AMIN 3 Elion, 3 Firecracker, 1 Energy Tonic

If you take a break from Black Desert and want some free items in other games, we’ve got several more promo code lists to help you on your way.

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