Bungie says a fan-favorite Exotic will never come back for Destiny 2

Bungie says a fan-favorite Exotic will never come back for Destiny 2

Twilight Garrison, a beloved and hideous Titan Exotic from the original Destiny, won’t be headed to Destiny 2 anytime soon, according to a tweet from a developer at Bungie.

Kevin Yanes, the sandbox discipline lead for Destiny 2, responded Thursday night to a fan on Twitter who asked about Twilight Garrison. “Titans will never get air dodge back my guy,” tweeted Yanes. “It’s part of the Warlock identity. Sorry but I want to rip that bandaid off.”

In the original Destiny, Twilight Garrison was an Exotic chest piece from the series’ first expansion, The Taken King. It came with the unique perk Tactical Air Support, which granted its wearer an in-air dodge. Titan players who spent a lot of time in the Crucible used this Exotic to great effect, adding extra mobility to Destiny’s beefiest class.

Some fans have wanted Twilight Garrison back for a long time, but as Yanes pointed out in his tweet, players who want in-air mobility should just play Warlock. In the newly released Solar 3.0 update, one of Warlock’s three Artifacts allows them to tap a button and dodge mid-air — just like Twilight Garrison used to do for Titans. To re-release that Exotic would likely devalue Warlock players and their unique abilities. Of course, that reasonable argument didn’t go over well with fans who care more about their favorite armor piece than the people making it.

The original question thread — and most of Yanes’ previous tweets — are now gone, deleted by the author. According to Protheon, community manager for the website Destiny Tracker, the thread garnered a lot of hate prior to its deletion, likely leading Yanes to just exit the conversation entirely.

Bungie hasn’t always stuck to its guns when saying that particular characters or items would never return to Destiny — looking at you, Exo Stranger — but as long as Warlocks have access to their Icarus Dash, Twilight Garrison will be a distant memory.