Check out this PS1 demake of The Witcher 3

Check out this PS1 demake of The Witcher 3

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 15 February 2021 16:56 GMT

The Witcher 3 is over five years old now, and even though it’s getting on (in ‘game years’) people are still finding new ways to celebrate its most iconic moments.

One of the game’s most iconic moments, without a doubt, is the Geralt bath scene – you know the one. It’s where our gruff, often mono-syllabic hero takes off his armor and enjoys a nice long soak in a big ol’ tub in Kaer Morhen. Refreshing.

It’s been meme’d to high hell, of course, but many of you are still finding a laugh whenever the (in)famous scene rears its head. Luckily for you, then, that Anders Lundbjörk’s brief PS1 demake of the Witcher 3 lingers on the scene for as long as is necessary.

There’s something quite nostalgic about all of it, isn’t there? The blocky limbs, the blurry details, the low-poly realization of the whole thing. It’s a very familiar setup for anyone that’s started the game, until the creator deviates a little from the source material and it all gets a bit… modern.

Anders Lundbjörk is no stranger to dealing with CD Projekt Red-inspired PS1 demakes; he’s the same guy behind the once-viral Cyberpunk 2077 demake that did the rounds before the game’s less-than-stellar launch.

Whilst the demake isn’t available to play at the time of writing, you can instead check out our big old list of the best mods for The Witcher 3 if you’re interested in changing your experience for another playthrough of the esteemed RPG.

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