Destiny 2’s Halloween skins are a battle between Gundam and Godzilla

Destiny 2’s Halloween skins are a battle between Gundam and Godzilla

Destiny 2’s getting some new skins, but the specifics are up to you. Bungie is releasing a new survey to let players choose if they want mech skins or monster skins, the developer announced on Thursday.

The new cosmetic options will let players deck out their Guardians however they see fit. Bungie also released concept art to give players a preview of what they might look like.

The monster option is exactly what it sounds like. There are pieces to make you look like a cyclops, a swamp monster, or even something that looks a bit like Godzilla. Meanwhile, the mechs look, well … exactly like Gundams (see concept art above). It’s probably important to note that the word Gundam isn’t mentioned at all in Bungie’s post, but it does refer to the mechs as “mobile suits,” so they might as well be Gundams.

Concept art for Destiny 2’s monsters 2.0 skins Image: Bungie

This is the second time that Bungie has run a similar poll for Destiny 2. Last year, Bungie had players vote in a competition between dinosaurs and monsters, which dinosaurs ended up winning. But now that they’re back for year two, the monsters have been enhanced to monsters 2.0.

The polls will be emailed to players starting on April 7, so you’ll need to make sure your profile allows for emails. The polls will be open from April 7 until April 13, when the winner will be decided. Every player who exercises their Bungie-given democratic right will be given the Broken Barriers emblem, regardless of which skins you voted for.