Elden Ring devs sent their most infamous player a commemorative sword

Elden Ring devs sent their most infamous player a commemorative sword

Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her saga has reached its natural conclusion: Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have sent the real player a real sword.

On Wednesday, Klein Tsuboi — the person behind the infamous Let Me Solo Her account in Elden Ring — posted an image on Twitter of a gift he received from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. The box included some Elden Ring themed items, a special message from the publisher and developers, a wooden portrait of Malenia, and, most importantly, a sword.

The message — which features a drawing of Let Me Solo Her’s character — congratulates Tsuboi on their 1,000th Malenia kill (a milestone they hit in May). The sword simply says “Rise, Tarnished” on the blade.

In their tweets, Tsuboi thanked Bandai Namco and FromSoftware for the gift and recalled almost giving up on during their first Dark Souls boss fight, Ludex Gundyr — the first boss in Dark Souls 3. Tsuboi then went on to thank some Soulsbourne community members that were important to their Let Me Solo Her journey.

For those not in the know, Let Me Solo Her became famous for waiting outside of the Malenia boss room — Elden Ring’s hardest fight by a mile — and waiting for players to summon them. When they’d appear in other player’s games, they would be nude except for a pot on their head, and their two katanas. Then, there was Let Me Solo Her’s schtick, which is in the name. If the player stood back and let Let Me Solo Her do their thing, they would kill Malenia and take minor damage. But any attempted assistance on the part of the host player resulted in failure.

Let Me Solo Her inspired many copycats and even a mod for the game on PC. They became folklore for Elden Ring players around the world. So, all these months later, it’s nice to see Bandai Namco and FromSoftware acknowledge not only Tsuboi’s skill and tenacity, but their willingness to help others fell the most difficult boss in an already difficult game.