Elden Ring fans are making beautifully cursed characters

Elden Ring fans are making beautifully cursed characters

Elden Ring demands persistence from its players. Go head-to-head against big bosses, die repeatedly, and eventually prevail after sinking lots of time into studying attack patterns, or farming runes, and returning to kick those bosses down. But let’s be real: the game’s first real time-sink is its character creator, and I say this lovingly. There’s loads you can do in there — combine this with the game’s plentiful armor and weapons, and the options feel limitless. And some creative fans have been using the creator in excellent and frequently cursed ways, emulating some of their favorite characters.

There are players cosplaying as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, complete with green skin, headbands, and the Great Turtle Shell.

And, of course, there’s also a solid contingent of fans making the famously curmudgeonly ogre Shrek and princess Fiona.

This also includes Shrek in his handsome human form.

Other builds riff more specifically off of certain weapon and magic builds, like this recreation of Darth Sidious.

As well as everyone’s favorite axe-wielding dad, God of War’s Kratos.

Then there’s this take on the Marvel villain responsible for The Snappening.

Excellent cosplay, everyone — I would be afraid to face any of you in PvP combat.