For Honor is finally getting cross-play

For Honor is finally getting cross-play

Almost five years and one month after For Honor’s launch, the game is getting cross-play on March 17, Ubisoft announced on Thursday. The new cross-play initiative will launch in two phases, with the first coming at the start of the game’s year six plans. Phase two is in active development and Ubisoft didn’t clarify an exact timeline for its release.

The first phase of cross-play combines the matchmaking pools for all PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players. This should make matchmaking go significantly faster, although Ubisoft warned that players will need to play a few games to reestablish their skill rating. Voice chat will also be disabled for all cross-play matches, although Ubisoft has a plan to reintroduce it at a later date.

While phase one should make for a healthier For Honor community, phase two likely encompasses the features players are most eager to try: cross-play groups with friends. Even with cross-play enabled on March 17, players won’t be able to play with their friends on different platforms, and will need to wait for phase two’s completion.

Cross-play will include almost all modes (including PvP and PvE), with the exception of Campaign, Training, Custom (phase two will rectify this one), Arcade, and Ranked. Cross-play will be the new default setting for players, but they can opt out of it at anytime via the in-game menu.

The blog post offers no mention of cross-progression or saves, which players are already clamoring for in Ubisoft’s comment section.