Furry Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox controllers alert

Furry Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox controllers alert

Sonic did not triumph in the “console wars,” but as we recently charted in Polygon’s first-ever Who Would Win Week, the longtime Sega mascot was no loser either. Truly, in the year 2022, Sonic is a genuine movie star, gearing up for his big sequel this April. And for that reason, Xbox is honoring the blue hedgehog — in a way that puts the “chaos” in Chaos Emerald.

On a blog published Tuesday morning, Microsoft unveiled a custom Xbox Series S and pair of Xbox controllers inspired by Sonic, and the villain of Sonic 2, Knuckles. The Xbox Series S console features “a golden portal ring shining on its surface alongside an embossed Sonic the Hedgehog 2 logo,” while the controllers are covered in a fur-emulating shag carpet. To quote Sean Combs in Get Him to the Greek: Stroke the furry controllers …

A Sonic the Hedgehog themed Xbox Series S with furry red and blue Xbox controllers Photo: Sega/Paramount Pictures

The Sonic console and controllers won’t be generally available to the public, but given away as part of an enter-to-win sweepstakes. To enter, people who need a blue, furry Xbox controller in their life must go to the Xbox Twitter page and retweet a promotional post with the hashtag #XboxSonic2Sweepstakes or cash in Microsoft Rewards points on a raffle ticket. Participants must live in a legal resident in a territory that supports Xbox Live. Submissions for the sweepstakes ends at 11 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 30.

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