Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found | Stone Tablet and Jade Plate locations

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found | Stone Tablet and Jade Plate locations

Searching the Guili Plains in central Liyue, you find Soraya, a researcher, and the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest.

Unlike a lot of the quests in Genshin Impact, you’re expected to do your own sleuthing and find both Stone Tablets and Jade Plates with only a vague map marker, or none at all.

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Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found | Stone Tablet locations

After speaking with Soraya, your objective switches towards the nearby Guili Assembly to search for five ancient stone tablets.

The first stone tablet is in the north of the quest area, overlooking the cliff edge surrounded by red leaves.

Next, in the extreme west of the quest area, you’ll find another stone tablet.

Then continue around the circle and there’s another stone tablet surrounded by plants in the southwest corner.

After that, in the middle of the circle, towards the south, there’s the fourth stone tablet. This one is flanked by torches.

Finally, the last stone tablet is a little off away from the rest of the ruins, in the southeast corner of the quest area circle, in the middle of a stone circle.

To continue, speak to Soraya again and she’ll point you towards two more stone tablets to the east and west of where you’re standing.

Luckily for you, these ones have specific markers.

The first is guarded by Hillichurls.

While the second is inside a ruined building guarded by various enemies.

When you’re done, return to Soraya, who’ll finish the first part of the quest and ask you to meet her to the north at Wangshu Inn. You’ll find her right next to the teleport spot.

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found | Jade Plate locations

Talk to Soraya at Wanshu Inn and she’ll fill in more of the backstory of the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest.

From your perch high up at the inn, she’ll send you after four Jade Plates in the plains to the south.

The first is just south of the inn, and marked on your map.

Glide over there and you’ll be able to get a better idea of what you’re looking for: a carved stone circle which forms a Jade Plate.

Defeat the slimes at the first Jade Plate and activate the structure.

You’ll now have to puzzle out clues to the locations of the other three Jade Plates, or – more easily – you can have a good look at the map.

At the four corners of the Guili Plains, you can see three triangular, white blocks on the map. Here’s where you’ll find the Jade Plates.

The second Jade Plate is on the east coast, right under where it says Guili Plains on the map, and is surrounded by Treasure Hunters.

The third one is in the southeast corner of the area, near the teleport point.

Then finally, the last Jade Plate is found on the western coast, next to the Luhua Pool. Where you’ll find a fire Abyss Mage and thorns protecting the circle.

Once you’ve activated all of the Jade Plates, go back to Soraya and she’ll tell you to search for the final Plate.

Where to find the final Plate in Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

To hunt down the final plate, you need to return close to the ruined Guili Assembly you first visited.

Just to the north of that area there’s a dark circle on the map. Here you’ll find a water-filled pit, a lot of golems, and the last Jade Plate.

Activate it and the golems will come to life to protect your prize. Defeat them by whatever means you can and the water will drain.

At the bottom of the pit, you can open the many large chests and pilfer whatever’s inside.

With the booty stashed safely in your pockets, return once again to Soraya, who will complete the quest for your ultimate reward of Primogems and Adventure Rank XP.

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