Genshin Impact Yoimiya build guide: The best Yoimiya weapon, Artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Yoimiya build guide: The best Yoimiya weapon, Artifacts, and more

The best Genshin Impact Yoimiya build depends on your preferred playstyle and what gap you need to fill in your party.

Yoimiya is a powerful character with potential for several different builds. Even better, she has a strong F2P build that’s equal with even the best five-star weapons.

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Genshin Impact Yoimiya build guide | Is Yoimiya DPS?

Yoimiya is primarily a Pyro DPS character, but she also has strong potential as a critical-hit dealer. Yoimiya’s critical hit rate scales as she levels up past 40, similar to Diluc. The additional damage dealt stays the same, but it makes her a powerful character even without Elemental damage.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya build guide | The best Yoimiya build

Unlike Ayaka, you can build Yoimiya in two distinct ways.

The best Yoimiya weapon for DPS and Pyro

If you’re focusing on Yoimiya as a Pyro damage dealer, Mitternacht Waltz is Yoimiya’s best weapon. The four-star bow increases Elemental Skill damage by 20-40% for five seconds when the wielder uses normal attacks. Using an Elemental Skill also increases normal attack damage at the same rate.

Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill adds Pyro to her normal attacks and increases their damage, so Mitternacht Waltz primes her to deal high numbers.

The best Yoimiya Artifacts for DPS and Pyro

Crimson Witch of Flames is a must with this build for several reasons.

  • 2-piece effect: Pyro damage +15%
  • 4-piece effect: Increases Overload and Burning damage by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt damage G by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases the 2-Piece Set Bonus by 50% of its starting value for 10s. Max 3 stacks.

The four-piece set gives her Pyro damage a substantial boost. It’s most practical for her normal attacks and Elemental Skill, though if you have a high Energy generator in your party, you can buff her Elemental Burst as well.

Martial Artist is a suitable alternative if you have trouble getting the Crimson Witch set.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases normal and charged attack damage by 15%
  • 4-piece effect: Using Elemental Skill increases normal attack and charged attack damage by 25% for 8s.

The best Yoimiya weapon for Crit DPS

You turn Yoimiya into a critical hit warrior instead, but this build is contingent on luck. Skyward Harp has high base attack and a secondary stat that further increases the user’s critical rate. It also boosts critical hit damage by 20-40% and has a high chance of dealing extra damage with a small AoE attack.

The problem is it’s a five-star weapon. If you don’t already have it, it’s best to wait until Skyward Harp appears in the Epitome Invocation again.

The best Yoimiya Artifacts for Crit DPS

The Berserker set is the natural choice for a critical build.

  • 2-piece effect: Crit rate +12%
  • 4-piece effect: When HP is below 70%, crit rate increases by an additional 24%.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya build guide | The best Yoimiya build for F2P players

If you want to save Primogems for characters instead of weapons, Yoimiya’s F2P build rivals the other two for power potential.

The best Yoimiya weapon for F2P

The best Yoimiya weapon for F2P is the new forgeable bow, Hamayumi. Hamayumi’s base attack is just slightly lower than most five-star bows, but its secondary stat gives the wielder a hefty extra attack boost anyway.

The special skill, Full Draw, is the real star though. It increases normal attack damage by 12% and charged attack damage by 16%, and the effect doubles when Yoimiya’s Energy is at 100%.

The best Yoimiya Artifacts for F2P

Hamayumi focuses on Yoimiya’s regular damage instead of Pyro. Since the two blend when she uses her Elemental Skill, a mix of Crimson Witch and Scholar or The Exile would work well for this build. The two-piece effect for the latter two sets increases Energy recharge by 20%.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya build guide | The best Yoimiya party comp

Whatever your build choice, any Yoimiya party needs at least one Electro character to make good use of her Burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage. The skill marks an enemy with a firework and, whenever any other character attacks or uses an Elemental Skill on that enemy, creates an AoE explosion every few seconds.

Using a character such as Razor, with his Burst, or Fischl with her Skill, means you’ve got a source for chaining Overload Reactions together until the enemy is defeated. This makes Yoimiya particularly effective against bosses and other damage sponges.

Adding another Pyro character to the mix increases her damage potential even more thanks to Fervent Flames. Diluc or Bennett would be an ideal complement to Yoimiya’s ranged damage, though Xinyan will appear in Yoimiya’s banner too and balances DPS with defense.

The fourth slot is flexible depending on your situation, though a Hydro character such as Barbara, Xingqiu, or Tartaglia to help create widespread Vaporize reactions is one solid option.

You’ll have to farm some of the new Genshin Impact materials to level up Yoimiya’s true power, including Naku Weed and Transience-series items from Violet Court.