Genshin Impact’s latest Sumeru teaser reveals a bunch of new characters

Genshin Impact’s latest Sumeru teaser reveals a bunch of new characters

Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse released a preview video that showed new information about its upcoming Sumeru region on Thursday. There’s a lot crammed into the roughly three-minute long video but highlights include new lore information on Sumeru, teases of six characters, and more information on enemies we’ll encounter in its lands.

The preview video, titled “Prelude to Wisdom,” is part of an ongoing series showing players what they can expect throughout their journeys in Sumeru. The video starts by setting up the core guiding principle of the region: knowledge. The developers emphasize the central role of researchers in the country and how highly rational its people are. We also hear that the people of Sumeru aren’t capable of dreaming, and that they wear strange earpieces that might have something to do with this phenomena.

However, if we’re talking knowledge then here’s what you need to know: The biggest information to come of the preview are character reveals, of which there are a lot.

Here’s everyone we saw:

  • We got another look at the researcher and forest ranger Tighhnari.
  • Alhaitham is a hunk we’ll meet in a port city. He comes from the Haravatat in the Akademiya, which functions as a premier university and governing body.
  • Dehya, who the developers described as “Desertfolk,” is a cat-eared mercenary from the Eremites.
  • There’s the horned dancer Nilou, who defied the values of Sumeru by embracing the arts.
  • We saw General Mahamatra, Cyno sitting dramatically in the desert but didn’t get more information on him yet.
  • Nahida is a “mysterious girl” whose design reassembles a fairy. She’s rumored by leakers to be the new Dendro archon. (Which is a game-specific term for the entity who serves as the god of the region.)

Sumeru includes both lush forests and barren deserts. As such, we’ll encounter a wide variety of enemies, including a common enemy, the Eremites. They’re a group of mercenaries who come from an ancient civilization in the desert, and will spawn as common enemies like the Nobushi in Inazuma. The video also showed common fauna of the region, like a mossy-version of the boars found in other regions, new kinds of mushrooms, a giant ostrich-like plant bird, and leopards.

Apparently the land hides some secrets in the sand, too. There are robotic-like contraptions that we’ll fight in the desert temples and mutated beasts. The developers hint a some sort of unknown “deterrent” used by the desert people in crisis, but we’ll need to wait to find out what it means.

Sumeru will be added to Genshin Impact as part of the game’s big 3.0 update. In addition to the information shared here, the region will introduce a new grass-inspired element called Dendro. It’s a giant update that will roll out a lot of the content shown over the course of several months. You can read everything you need to know about it with our explainer on Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update.