Here’s how you make a house with stacked hearths in Valheim

Here’s how you make a house with stacked hearths in Valheim

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 9 March 2021 12:01 GMT

Hot off the presses!

One Valheim player has figured out how to make a house with stacked Hearths in the Viking survival game.

Reddit user Bokonon posted on title’s subreddit, outlining his design for a chimney that lets users have Hearths on multiple floors in a structure.

To make this, you need to start with two 2×2 wood floors next to one another and place two stone pillars on each corner. You then need to reinforce these pillars with wood iron beams, in order to help support the hearths. After that, you have to put wood wall on the outer edges of the structure, to help form the chimney. Then place a wood beam on top of the wood wall and put a thatch roof ridge at a 26-degree angle and remove the wood beam. Following that, players have to put a wood roof cross under both pieces of thatch roof – again at a 26-degree angle – to stop smoke from leaking.

Now you can place your hearth. Hopefully, you won’t have the same problem that Bokonon ran into where one of their wolves was hanging about and making it difficult to lay the hearth down.

From here, you can seemingly stack as many Hearths on top of one another.

This is valuable advice for Valheim’s fast-growing community. The game shifted 1 million copies in its first week on sale, before landing 2 million downloads by the end of its first fortnight. By Day 16, the title had sold 3 million copies, a figure that rose to 4 million by the end of its third week on the market. Within its first month, the game had sold 5 million copies.

Came up with a Chimney design that allows for stacking Hearths on multiple floors, thought it was worth sharing. from r/valheim

Valheim has attracted a peak of close-to 500,000 concurrent players on Steam since its release.

While Bokonon has committed themselves to home design, another Reddit user has built a world generator that helps people find the perfect map seed.

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