Hitman 3’s new pirate map has a Monkey Island Easter egg

Hitman 3’s new pirate map has a Monkey Island Easter egg

Monkey Island’s long-awaited sequel is set for release later this year, but Agent 47 and the Hitman series are celebrating its return a little early with a new Easter egg. In Hitman 3’s latest map, Pirate Island, players can find a sly nod to the series hidden in the environment, along with a puzzle worthy of an adventure game.

The Easter egg lies on the western beach of the island in a small cove with a gravestone inside. An inscription on the stone reads “G. Threepwood, Mighty Pirate,” with a skull and crossbones. This is a reference to Monkey’ Island series’ protagonist Guybrush Threepwood, who has starred in the LucasArts adventure games since the very first entry back in 1990.

While this on its own is already a nice nod to one of gaming’s greatest pirates, IO Interactive doesn’t stop there. Instead, it turns out, there’s also a neat little puzzle that fits into Monkey Island’s adventure game mold.

To solve this puzzle, players will have to light four braziers around the island. There’s one next to Threepwood’s grave, which should clue players in to the sneaky puzzle’s existence. Another torch can be found in the grassy area beyond the rope bridge, another is in the destroyed fort, and one more is on top of the cliff past the satellite control area.

After all the torches are lit, find a shovel, head back to Threepwood’s grave and start digging. After a bit, Agent 47 will pull up a chest of pirate booty.