How to get rewards in Fortnite’s School of Llama website event

How to get rewards in Fortnite’s School of Llama website event

In addition to Geralt’s quests, Fortnite has another set of tasks and rewards with rewards from The Witcher, but they’re not found in-game.

This event, dubbed “School of Llama,” lists quests on a Fortnite website, rather than directly in the game. By logging into your Fortnite account on this page, you can track your progress and see rewards. Note that task progress will start tracking before you even log in. By the time we actually logged into the website, a few tasks already had progress for us.

There are four paths, with one path unlocking each week starting on Tuesday. Completing the tasks will reward you with XP and cosmetics, like emoticons, the Witcher’s Silver Sword pickaxe skin, a spray, and music. You’ll also get banner cosmetics for completing challenges on creator-made islands. You have until March 10 to complete all of these tasks and grab the loot you want.

Each path of the Fortnite School of Llama event is made up of tasks — and those tasks are arranged along their own branching routes. Most of the tasks will be normal Battle Royale challenges like “catch 30 fish” or “eliminate 20 opponents.” Other tasks, called obstacles, require you to complete a quest on a creator-designed map. Once you complete the mission given on that map, you’ll get a new quest that will need to be completed in Battle Royale.

Branching paths on a map in fortnite, showing a destroyed log in the top corner Image: Epic Games

For those obstacles, click on the obstacle icon on the website’s map. It will give you a code. Back in the lobby, hit square/X to change modes, and then tab over to Island Code. Type in the code from the site.

For example, after we finished the “place top 25 four times” quest, we hit the “axii challenge creator-made island” obstacle. A few minutes after completing the challenge, we got the banner icon and unlocked a new task: “Survive 30 storm circles.”

Note that the creator-made maps are buggy and generally unpleasant to play. Some players on Reddit are reporting that it took several tries before their challenge registered as complete on the website, with others noting that some challenges bugged out before they could even complete them.

If the “School of Llama” event is not working for you, make sure to wait, as it can take up to an hour for your progress to register on the website. While our Battle Royale progress updated instantly, it actually took a few minutes for the creator map tasks to update for us.

That all being said, the big rewards from this online challenge are the “Witcher’s Silver Swordpickaxe and the “Geralt of Rivia” lobby track. Whether or not it’s worth grappling with the creator maps to get these is up to you.