Master Chief is here to teach you how to file your taxes

Master Chief is here to teach you how to file your taxes

Master Chief is a jack of all trades. The Spartan supersoldier has been trained for every manner of tough kerfuffle, and has fought his way through the human-Covenant War over the course of numerous Halo games over more than 20 years. And now, Master Chief is here to give you all manner of advice: From filing your taxes to changing the oil in your 2006 Nissan Murano.

YouTuber Synthetic Soundsmith has used artificial intelligence voice-over technology to make Master Chief explain the intricacies of tax season, among other topics. “Let’s talk about taxes like we’re battling the Covenant,” Master Chief’s voice opens, in the video.

Incredibly, the description is both in-character and legitimately useful. Master Chief instructs you to collect necessary documents and receipts, adding “don’t leave any stone unturned or the tax man will catch you like a Grunt in a trap.” He also walks you through selecting filing status, and calculating taxable income, tax liability, and deductions. “But don’t try to cheat, or the IRS will come after you like the Flood,” he says. He ends with a reminder to file on time — whether online or through the mail.

Maybe you aren’t in need of tax advice? Well, there are plenty of other options. Let Master Chief guide you through that oil change, or through cleaning your home. Though if a little light role-play is more your vibe, Master Chief as an Applebee’s waiter is also an absolute treat.

In my personal favorite, Master Chief gives listeners a pep talk on how to ask out their crush. “Fear not my comrade, for I shall assist you in your quest for love,” he says. “I may have fumbled my words a bit, but I made sure to convey that you find her incredibly attractive — like the side of a Warthog with a fresh coat of paint […] You’ll soon be holding hands with your dream girl, like you’re dual wielding energy swords.”

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In the past year, generative AI has become increasingly sophisticated, to the extent that it can be used to generate voice overs that sound like well-known public figures. This technology is also being used to make it sound like real life people, whether celebrities or political figures, are saying absurd things. While these specific examples are funny — and I’d giggle at Master Chief saying just about anything out of character — it’s also a reminder of just how easy it is to use such technology to blur the line between reality and fiction.