Monster Hunter Rise: Buddy Tickets | Where to get them and how to use them

Monster Hunter Rise: Buddy Tickets | Where to get them and how to use them

By Rebecca Jones
14 April 2021 16:58 GMT

Buddy Tickets are a material in Monster Hunter Rise that can be used for crafting.

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How to get Buddy Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

Buddy Tickets are obtained from Buddy Expert Shirubei, who hangs around the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village. The tickets themselves are represented by a light blue icon resembling a piece of paper.

Like other crafting tickets in the game, Buddy Tickets are awarded as a sign of gratitude and respect from other characters. Buddy Tickets are also quite rare, and seem to be distributed somewhat randomly (insert joke about the difficulty of predicting the whims and affections of a cat).

As a rule, completing Meowcenary missions and requests for Buddy clients seem to have the highest chance of netting you a Buddy Ticket. However, the best method seems to be to check in with Buddy Expert Shirubei after every five or ten side-quests: he’ll usually have something for you by then.

How to use Buddy Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

Buddy Tickets are used to craft a wide variety of equipment in Monster Hunter Rise.

Given their source, it’s perhaps unsurprising that there’s a heavy focus on animal themes among Buddy Ticket crafting recipes. Many items from the Felyne and (somewhat less intuitively) Canyne set require Buddy Tickets, particularly in their upgraded forms.

Additionally, Buddy Ticket recipes are a great source of Palico armour and weaponry.

Weapon Forging
(no. required)
Weapon Upgrades
(no. required)
Palico Weapon Forging
(no. required)
Palico Armour Crafting
(no. required)
Canyne Cannon I (2) Canyne Cannon II (2) Canyne Allmother Sword – S variant only (2) Canyne Trader’s Garment (1) / S variant (2)
Cuddly Cat I (2) Cat’s Soul II (5) Canye Mystic Bell (1) Canyne Trader’s Hood (1) / S variant (2)
Felyne Bow I (2) Catspaw II (2) Cat-aclysm Knell (2) Felyne Stealth Garb – S variant only (2)
Felyne Bowgun I (2) Cuddly Cat II (3) Felyne Mystic Bell (1) Felyne Stealth Hood – S variant only (2)
Wooden Dog Bowgun I (2) Felyne Bow II (2) Felyne Rampage Bokken – S variant only (2)
Felyne Bowgun II (2)
Felyne Cannon (2)
Felyne Claws II (5)
Felyne Trickbow (2)
Howlitzer (2)
Watchdog’s Howl (2)
Wooden Dog Bowgun II (2)

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