Nioh 2 is getting negative Steam reviews thanks to performance issues

Nioh 2 is getting negative Steam reviews thanks to performance issues

Frame rate issues and some problems with on-screen inputs are prompting some Nioh 2 PC players to leave negative feedback on the Steam game.

Nioh 2 more than tripled the original’s Steam numbers at launch, proving incredibly popular with PC players and beating even Dark Souls’ concurrent player count record when it hit the platform earlier this week.

But now, as players become more au fait with the title, Koei Tecmo’s hardcore action-RPG is receiving more negative reviews and currently sits on a “mixed” review rating as players lambast frame rate issues and on-screen input problems.

As noted by Eurogamer, whilst the majority of the game’s 4,000+ Steam reviews written so far are positive, 1,300+ reviews have been negative.

Most issues cite inconsistent frame rate issues on Nioh 2 PC, whilst keyboard users complain of controller prompts popping up in-game and causing them to die or fail the challenges.

“The issue is that this is a ‘proper’ action game, with loads of combos, special forms, secret abilities, rhythmic button-presses, etc. So not knowing where a button is a pretty major problem,” notes one user (via PCGN)

“This is just an extra and completely unnecessary obstacle thrown in your way of learning the game’s mechanics” notes another.

Many players note that the game is a quality title, but optimization and performance issues are currently holding the title back.

“Performance seriously needs patching,” another reviewer notes. “Yokai Realms and certain attacks should not send your fps into the floor – it’s basically mandatory to play with effects turned to low. I will recommend based on the gameplay – but tempted to revise if they don’t address the issues.”

Nioh 2 offers 120fps, ultra-wide support, and customizable controls, including mouse & keyboard support from day one – but it seems the UI hasn’t been updated to reflect this, and that can make learning the hardcore intricacies of the game even harder to learn.