Nioh 2’s recent patch is crashing the game on PC, but Team Ninja is looking into it

Nioh 2’s recent patch is crashing the game on PC, but Team Ninja is looking into it

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 10 March 2021 10:33 GMT

Nioh 2 players on PC will have to live with crashes a little while longer, but there’s good news.

Last week, Nioh 2 received a big patch on PC. Update 1.27 made it possible for keyboard and mouse bindings to show up, and brought further optimisations for the Effect Quality bug that causes the framerate to tank at certain moments when set to High.

Unfortunately, that particular update has also introduced a number of random crashes for players on PC. The Steam forums currently have multiple threads with several pages of complaints from players whose game was running fine before the update, but is now crashing constantly. Resetera forum members have also been running into similar problems.

This has been my experience as well, going from zero crashes – including on pre-release code – to not being able to play after 1.27.

The problem appears to be related to the start and end of missions. That is to say, if your game crashes, it will likely occur after the introductory cutscene or at the end of the mission as you return to the overworld screen. Others, myself included, ran into crashes when using the in-level Shrines, so it’s not really clear what triggers these crashes.

Some have suggested running the game at 4K raises the chance of encountering these crashes, but I tried even going as low as 1080p and crashes have remained. The recently added DLSS has also been mentioned, but once again, turning it off is no guarantee of stability.

The good news is that developer Team Ninja has finally acknowledged the issue, saying that it’s currently looking into the cause.

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