Overwatch 2’s new mode gives you godlike powers for the next two weeks

Overwatch 2’s new mode gives you godlike powers for the next two weeks

Overwatch 2 is getting a new limited-time game mode that will imbue seven of the game’s heroes with fun godlike powers, letting Widowmaker turn her enemies to stone and Roadhog become a giant, rock-throwing cyclops. The free-for-all deathmatch mode, Battle for Olympus, will run Jan. 5-19 in Overwatch 2, Blizzard confirmed Tuesday.

The trailer for Overwatch 2’s Greek god-themed mode promises “divine rewards,” but doesn’t specify what players can earn. Based on previous limited event modes, it likely means sprays, voice lines, titles, and maybe a skin. But the new abilities themselves appear to be the real draw, mixing up the way characters like Reinhardt, Lucio, Pharah, and others will play in Battle for Olympus mode.

In the trailer, we see some intriguing new powers, like Junker Queen calling down lightning bolts when she performs her Rampage ultimate and Pharah moving freely — and healing! — mid-Barrage ultimate. Other tweaked abilities hinted at in the trailer include Lúcio stunning an opponent with his Soundwave (aka “boop”) and Ramattra lifting enemies off the ground with his Ravenous Vortex.

One more detail from the trailer: There appear to be armor packs repurposed from ol’ Torbjörn scattered throughout Château Guillard, and they’re distinct from standard health packs, but their purpose is unclear.

Battle for Olympus mode will also bring a change to the map Ilios. The character who earns the most eliminations throughout the event will get their own marble statue on the Greek map.

Overwatch 2 is in the midst of its second season of content, which runs through February. The game’s next event is Lunar New Year 2023, which runs Jan. 17 to Feb. 6.