Polygon Draws our favorite Spirit Ash summons from Elden Ring

Polygon Draws our favorite Spirit Ash summons from Elden Ring

Everyone loves a good summon in a FromSoftware game. Maybe it’s a real-life friend popping in to give you a hand, or a hand-crafted NPC designed to help you dance all over a boss. In Elden Ring, everyone can summon a variety of spirits thanks to Spirit Ashes. Just a ding of the bell and bam, you’ve got a pack of wolves at your back, ready to do your bidding.

In the latest edition of Polygon Draws, the crew decided to come together and draw our favorite Spirit Ash summons from Elden Ring, with each author including a statement so you can see inside the process. Some other video game familiars may also make an appearance here, as not every participant has jumped into The Lands Between — and these drawings are proof that no matter how good Elden Ring is, it could always be improved with a little Kirby.

Please, treasure these drawings and think on them as you summon their in-game equivalents to help you decimate FromSoftware’s biggest threats.

Russ Frushtick

A drawing of a Crystalline summon from Elden Ring Image: Russ Frushtick

“Love my crystal boy, who protects my very puny mage from being ground to a pulp.”

Ryan Gilliam

A drawing of some wolves and the Valiant Gargoyles from Elden Ring Image: Ryan Gilliam

“I always forget to summon in Elden Ring, so I haven’t invested much into any particular friend. However, the wolves really saved my bacon when fighting the Valiant Gargoyles, who I hate very much. My wolves are small, and hard to hit, and even if they don’t bite too good, they do distract the boss enough to let me panic-roll away. Yay wolves. Fuck those gargoyles.”

Pat Gill

A drawing of the Albinaurics summon from Elden Ring Image: Pat Gill

“I love the Albinaurics because there are two of them and they have big baby heads and stupid little Winnie the Pooh bodies and they cartwheel around. They are very good at splitting aggro, and they are my friends.”

James Bareham

A drawing of the giant sickly dog summon in Elden Ring Image: James Bareham

“My rotten stray is a very good boy — faithful, strong, and always ready to leap to my defense against a variety of foes. He’s not much to look at, and definitely not very cuddly, but he’s a loyal friend.”

Clayton Ashley

A drawing of a big pot summon in Elden Ring Image: Clayton Ashley

“I only just started Elden Ring, but I literally picked the Astrologer class because I wanted to summon some pot boys one day. It was my favorite summon before I’d even played the game. But in retrospect, a pot boy probably shouldn’t go smashing through a stone wall Kool-Aid Man style.”

Matt Patches

A drawing of one of the dragons in Skyrim Image: Matt Patches

“My favorite part of Elden Ring is [Matt Patches has yet to start playing Elden Ring but has played The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim five times, and while he is aware that Skyrim is not really anything like Elden Ring, he really wanted to participate in Polygon Draws, so he drew a dragon].”

Petrana Radulovic

A drawing of Kirby stretched over a coffee mug Image: Petrana Radulovic

“Kirby is consuming my favorite mug, in order to keep the coffee a perfect temperature throughout the day. I imagine that he makes the coffee a nice sweet flavor and also that this keeps him warm too. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Coloring the pink was very fun, but the best part was his wee little eyes. (I did not draw Elden Ring, because I don’t go there).”