The best PS5 external hard drives to pick up right now

The best PS5 external hard drives to pick up right now

If you have a PlayStation 5, congrats! I’m sure you know that they’ve been difficult to get. The future isn’t all roses, either, because with only 1TB of storage, you might find yourself running out of space quickly. But, there are easy solutions with some of the best PS5 external hard drives below!

Best PS5 external hard drive overall

When you need to keep your data safe, you really can’t go wrong with Western Digital, or WD. They’re reliable, affordable, and generally come in a huge variety of storage options. Basically, when it comes to external storage in general, it’s the best of all worlds!

The WD Elements line is not specifically branded for the PS5, but don’t worry, as you can use it with the console without an issue. Why pay more for a PlayStation branded HDD when you can get 5TB of storage for $100?

WD also has consistent sales on these HDDs (and their other lines), so if you’re not in a rush, keep an eye on the listing you want and you may be able to save a little more!

Depending on if you’re looking in the US or UK, different storage sizes of the WD Elements are available. As of this writing, the below was available, but more are likely to come into stock in the future! I’d personally recommend the 2TB WD Elements, though, which is available in both regions.

WD Elements US:

WD Elements UK:

Cheapest PS5 external hard drive

If you’re looking for the cheapest HHD around, that honor tends to shift hands frequently between the WD Elements above and the Seagate Portable. They have mostly comparable prices, but depending on where you’re looking and when the Seagate may be the most cost-effective option.

The reason why WD Elements wins the top spot while Seagate’s Portable line doesn’t is because they don’t seem to be available in the UK new! You can find used models easily enough, but why do that when you can go with WD for the same price.

Seagate Portable US:

Fastest PS5 external drive

If you want speed, you’re going to want to leave HDDs at the door. Instead, you’ll want to get an external solid-state drive, or SSD. SSDs have higher read speeds than HDDs, which for the PS5 means quicker load times for anything you have on the drive.

If you want an SSD, though, you’re going to have to pay a premium for less storage. SSDs just aren’t as prevalent tech-wise as HDDs yet!

That said, if you want to go with an SSD, you’ll want to go with the Crucial X8. With the 1050MB/s read speed, it’s one of the fastest external options around. The prices are still reasonable for an SSD, too–though you might just want to stick with the 1TB option due to the prices.

Crucial X8 US:

Crucial X8 UK:

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