The hideous Starro is coming to Gotham Knights

The hideous Starro is coming to Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights’ next update is going in a rather unexpected direction, introducing a colossal, one-eyed starfish to the game, apparently to referee the new Heroic Assault game mode.

The extraterrestrial echinoderm in question is Starro, whom fans of 2021’s The Suicide Squad might recognize as a kaiju-like super-baddie, who shoots lasers from his limbs, and controls lesser beings by reproducing asexually into many smaller starfishes and thusly attaching them, facehugger-style, to your grill:

cropped image of the cover of Justice League of America #190, showing Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, and other heroes with starfishes affixed to their faces, controlling their minds
Justice League of America #190 (May, 1981)
Image: DC Comics

That power apparently explains Starro’s connection to Gotham Knights via “Heroic Assault,” a four-player, cooperative horde mode. In it, players fight their way through 30 levels of enemies, presumably mind-controlled by Starro.

As for whether Starro himself is confronted, who knows, really. Monday’s tweet showed the creature inside a vat, shrunk down to a more manageable size.

Heroic Assault was mentioned in the run-up to Gotham Knights’ Oct. 21 launch, but was always planned as a post-launch addition. The update arrives at 11 am EST on Nov. 29. Gotham Knights, developed by WB Games Montreal, is available on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.