The Pope listening to Undertale’s ‘Megalovania’ is already 2022’s weirdest video

The Pope listening to Undertale’s ‘Megalovania’ is already 2022’s weirdest video

We are only six days into 2022 and the year is off to an absolutely delirious start. Thanks to a flamboyant circus troupe, we can now say with complete certainty that Pope Francis himself has listened to “Megalovania,” the iconic track from Toby Fox’s hit game, Undertale.

It was during a papal audience on Wednesday, which is a regular event where the pope will greet members of the public and bless them. This one happened to have a circus act performing to provide entertainment and their band performed the song. The clip went viral after Twitter user Ultima posted a recording of the event which you can view below.

The video is legit. You can also watch the performance on an official news page for the Vatican. The performance is very jester-like. One person in a leotard decorated with flames twirled a cylinder on their feet and other people juggled and bounced balls. (At one particularly funny point you can see a juggler drop a ball.) After the song concludes, the pope thanks the performers and says that beauty guides us to God.

Undertale has multiple endings depending on how many monsters you kill as you play. Ironically enough, “Megalovania” is the theme played during a boss fight with the skeleton Sans, after a player does what’s called the Genocidal Route after murdering too many characters.

Why choose to perform “Megalovania”? While we don’t know why this specific group picked it, the chiptune-esque “Megalovania” is one of the most well-known tracks from Undertale. With over 105 million listens on Spotify alone, the song isn’t just popular, it’s also a meme, and has been remixed and reused in countless contexts online.

This isn’t even the first time that the pope has been exposed to Undertale. In 2016, gaming personality and YouTuber MatPat gave a copy of Undertale to the pope as a gift. Maybe it’s time His Holiness takes the hint and takes a stab at the pacifist run!