Tower of Fantasy codes guide

Tower of Fantasy codes guide

Tower of Fantasy has several codes that you can use to get some free loot in the game, just like other mobile games do. These codes are typically disclosed through social media accounts and other promotions, so they can be easy to miss if you’re not looking for them.

Our Tower of Fantasy codes guide provides all of the active codes that reward goodies.

Tower of Fantasy active codes list

  • ILOVETOF (1 Gold Nucleus, 5 Weapon Batteries II)
  • TOF666 (8,888 Gold, SR Relic Shard Box)
  • TOF888 (8,888 Gold, 1 Black Nucleus, 10 Crispy Grilled Fish)

We’re not entirely sure when these codes expire, but they are still working as of publication time.

How to use Tower of Fantasy codes

To use the codes, select the present box icon in the top right corner, select “Rewards,” and choose “Exchange” on the left side. Insert the code into the box with Hilda in the background.

Hilda by a code redemption screen in Tower of Fantasy Image: Perfect World via Polygon

Once you do this, your presents should arrive in a gift box that will get a notification under your minimap after a minute or two.