Valheim players are divided over ore teleportation, and devs are listening

Valheim players are divided over ore teleportation, and devs are listening

Firm changed this aspect of the game a number of times during development.

The creator of Valheim, Iron Gate Studio, has said that it might allow players to take ore through portals again.

As it stands, players can build portals to teleport them around the map, but they become unusable when you have ore on your character, meaning you’d have to drop it. Transporting ore is possible through traditional means, but those are riskier and take a lot more work.

Speaking to PCGamesN, the company’s CEO Richard Svensson said that this was something that had changed a number of times during development. The exec went on to say that Iron Gate is keeping an eye on community feedback to see whether there’s demand for it.

And speaking to community feedback, the Valheim playerbase is pretty divided about the topic of teleporting ore. In a post on Reddit, user ImABigDreamer asked Iron Gate to not remove the limit on teleporting ore, with commenters weighing up the pros and cons of tweaking this feature.

“These limitations push players to build new bases, looks for shortcuts, wisely select the route on plains or the ocean, in all other situations you can just teleport,” ImABigDreamer wrote, “set sail with the full cargo of iron, bring your friends, talk about your emotions while sailing, and remember, the viking’s journey never ends.”

Divided as it may be, the Valheim community is growing fast. The game has already shifted five million copies within its first month on sale, following a pretty huge few weeks. The title has also attracted a record of close-to 500,000 concurrent players on Steam.

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