Wasteland 3’s first expansion The Battle of Steeltown drops June 3

Wasteland 3’s first expansion The Battle of Steeltown drops June 3

inXile Entertainment has announced a date for the first Wasteland 3 narrative expansion, The Battle of Steeltown.

Alongside the release date for the Wasteland 3 expansion, details were provided on The Battle of Steeltown.

Over in the southwestern portion of Colorado lies a factory complex called Steeltown. Here is where all of the tech that keeps Colorado running is manufactured. It also keeps the Patriarch in power and builds trucks, armor, weapons, and robots.

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Lately, shipments have been mixed up, late, or outright missing and the Rangers have found the industrial complex in complete disarray. They have encountered striking workers, heard of bandit raids, and found the gates to the place have been locked.

Without the help of the Rangers, the area will revolt and take Steeltown’s leader down with it. However, this may not be such as terrible outcome, and it’s up to you and your team of Rangers to decide the place’s fate.

The complex can be explored in solo or co-op mode, you can take on some new quests and even face-off against a horde of robots.

New mechanics have also been added to the tactical combat—stacking status effects, elemental shields, telegraphed attacks, and non-lethal weapons—giving fights a new dimension and allowing players to solve battles in brand new ways.

The new elements will also expand into the base game, and you can expect some new weapons, armor, and encounters. This will provide a new experience and, depending on how far you have already progressed, it will scale the combat and gear when entering Steeltown. This will ensure the challenges are level-appropriate.

Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown will be available for digital download on June 3 for PC and consoles.