Weapon crafting is coming to one of Destiny 2’s best raids

Weapon crafting is coming to one of Destiny 2’s best raids

The much-requested weapon crafting system finally came to Destiny 2 with this year’s Witch Queen expansion. But what started as a promising addition has started to grade on players in the recent months — especially with how much additional grinding the system has added to the game.

However, in Thursday’s weekly Bungie blog, the studio detailed some major changes coming to the system in February 2023’s Lightfall expansion, and also announced that craftable weapons will finally come to Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid later this year.

Starting with Deep Stone Crypt crafting, Bungie announced that players will be able to craft weapons from the two-year-old raid starting Dec. 6, with the launch of the game’s next season. As usual, players will need to collect Deepsight Resonance (red border) weapons from the raid in order to extract that weapon’s Pattern. Once they’ve unlocked the Pattern, Guardians will be able to craft that weapon and put specific perks on it.

Bungie noted in the blog that it’s reconfigured several of the perk pools for these weapons, meaning players can expect more combinations than what has existed on these guns for the past two years. Finally, Bungie revealed it won’t add a puzzle chest that guarantees a red border weapon each week — like Vow of the Disciple and King’s Fall have. However, players will be able to purchase one Deepsight Resonance weapon from the final chest once a week. On weeks where Deep Stone Crypt is the featured raid, players will also be able to run the raid over and over again for a chance at Patterns.

The studio also revealed some major plans to rework crafting in Lightfall — which will be just about a year since the system’s debut. Bungie feels that Deepsight Resonance weapons are too common, so weapons that can’t be crafted will no longer drop with a red border. Guardians will also have a way to choose a weapon pattern to target in Lightfall, and have more ways to gain weapon Patterns.

One of the more interesting points in the blog is also the least fleshed out. Bungie notes that grinding kills in raid encounters like Shuro Chi is a boring way to level up weapons (which, speaking from personal experience, is accurate). In the future, the studio wants to reduce “loadout stress” by not forcing players to use suboptimal/underleveled crafted weapons. This suggests that there will be another — hopefully faster — way to level up crafted weapons in Lightfall.

Bungie will surely reveal more details about how it’s changing crafting ahead of Lightfall’s launch on Feb. 28, 2023.