Where to find (almost) every Vaultlander in New Tales from the Borderlands

Where to find (almost) every Vaultlander in New Tales from the Borderlands

Throughout New Tales from the Borderlands, you’ll engage in plastic figurine combat using Vaultlanders, hidden collectibles scattered around Promethea. Finding all of the Vaultlanders can be a head-spinning task, one that may require you to play through the game multiple times. Some, too, appear to be available via external means (i.e., social media engagement).

Read on to learn when and where you find (almost) all of the Vaultlanders. Note, however, that light spoilers about specific plot beats could follow. Over the course of our playthrough, we’ve found most of them (currently 16 of the 18), but will update the guide once we’ve found the remaining two.

The Title Screen

  • Flak – Preorder bonus
  • Salvador – Connect to a SHiFT account.
  • Axton – Like or retweet Gearbox Official’s twitter post. Redeem the code in the SHiFT in-game social menu to activate the Vaultlander.

Episode 1

  • Phoung – Chapter 3 – Given to you by Phoung during the escape from the Atlas ship.
Red stop sign over a radio and an arrow showing the correct path to go. Man in red outfit with yellow headphones around neck. Ink cell shaded environment. Image: Gearbox Software/2K Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon
  • Claptrap – Chapter 3 – After you rescue Juniper in Chapter 3, don’t interact with the radio immediately. Instead, find the Claptrap vaultlander under the rubble near the dumpster. Follow the image above for guidance.
  • Amara – Chapter 3 – As you’re showing Reba the damage around Fran’s Frogurt, clear the rubble inside to reveal Amara.

Episode 2

  • Zane – Chapter 3 – Defeat the Badass Superfan in the sewers.

Episode 3

  • Vasquez – Chapter 2 – As you’re searching for parts to create your healing device, check the fridge to find the Badass Superfan. Defeat them to receive Vasquez.
  • Roland – Chapter 6 – At the Morgue, defeat the Badass Superfan hiding in the cold locker.

Episode 4

  • Maya – Chapter 4 – When playing as Anu in the lab, collect the Vaultlander on the desk at the top of the room.
  • Mordecai – Chapter 4 – When playing as Fran in the new Fran’s Frogurt, interact with the cash register to find the Vaultlander.
Lady on hovering purple chair finds a Badass Superfan hiding in a trunk in her froyo store. Image: Gearbox Software/2K Games
  • Brick – Chapter 4 – Defeat the Badass Superfan hiding in the car trunk in Fran’s Frogurt.
  • Moze – Chapter 4 – As you’re reuniting with L0U13, the Badass Superfan will challenge you to a duel. Win to receive the Vaultlander.

Episode 5

  • Handsome Jack – Chapter 4 – After reuniting Octavio and Fran, interact with the Handsome Jack Vaultlander on the red “X” on the floor. The Badass Superfan will drop down from the ceiling and challenge you to a Vaultlander battle. Defeat them to receive the Vaultlander.
Man deciding whether to tackle woman or protect his sister on the table in futuristic setting. Image: Gearbox Software/2K Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon
  • Krieg – Chapter 4 – When Octavio, Fran, and L0U13 finally find where Anu is being kept, you are confronted by Stapleface, who is dressed as a Tediore soldier. When given the choice to tackle her or protect Anu, choose to tackle Stapleface, and she’ll give you Krieg as a sign of friendship.


  • Lillith – Complete the game (might be associated with one of the endings).