You can play a crowd-controlled version of Pokemon Red through a Twitter avatar

You can play a crowd-controlled version of Pokemon Red through a Twitter avatar

Programmer Constantin Liétard has worked some technical magic and created a script that updates a Twitter account every 15 seconds so users can play Pokemon Red.

Constantin Liétard, a 3D Programmer working over at Gameloft Montreal, has managed to create the next big thing when it comes to unconventional Pokemon Red runs.

Liétard posted an announcement to Twitter via his account, Screenshakes, telling people that they can play through Game Freak’s first generation game by replying to his pinned tweet with comments such as “A” and “Start”. The inputs will be read, and Twitter users will be able to control the game – with the screen being shown in his Twitter avatar.

Whichever input is tweeted the most every 15 seconds (between Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, and Select) is input into an emulated version of the game, and the next frame is then displayed in the Twitter avatar.

Liétard notes that he’ll control the game directly occasionally in order to manually save each night, hopefully preventing any particularly bad loss of data in the coming days (and likely weeks) as gameplay goes on.

If you’re eager to move the game in a more productive route, you can join a dedicated Disord community in order to better shepherd the protagonist towards the Elite Four and beyond.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon Red has enjoyed a gimmick like this, of course. Twitch Plays Pokemon went viral all the way back in 2014 when the phenomenon took over Twitch, and following the success of that we saw Fish Plays Pokemon gain popularity, too.

At the time of writing, our erstwhile player-controlled player is in Viridian Forest. Godspeed! You can continue his journey here.